Doge Token Whitepaper

Doge Token is revival of one of most loved coins. The Doge community has always been about fun and humor. We propose a move from a more hobby driven blockchain technology to the most secure and advanced: Stellar. We saw a lot of opportunities with Dogecoin, but due to it’s shrinking community we build an alternative: Doge Token.

Problems with Scalability

DogeCoin is technologically behind. Yes, DogeCoin is one of the giants that more modern blockchains stood on. However, it’s core technology has not been upgraded much.

DogeCoin: Much Hash, Such Work

Even though DogeCoin has many orders of magnitude fewer transactions and smaller transactional value, it now exceeds over 20TH/s in terms of hashrate. This is insane. The amount of electricity wasted to power stagnant technology negatively impacts the environment and reduces mining rewards. Despite all this waste, DogeCoin is still theoretically much less secure than Stellar.

Such Clear, Much Trust

Doge Token, unlike Dogecoin is not prone to 51% attack, makes us invulnerable. Any applications build on top of Stellar with our tokens can be easily audited by any developer in matters of seconds.

Doge Token lives on the Stellar blockchain. Stellar is the one of the fastest growing and largest blockchain platforms out there. Stellar has excellent wallet support and all major SDF endorsed wallets support Doge Token.